Mendip Woodland Convector Plus


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The Woodland Convector Plus Woodburning Stove features a contemporary and minimalist design that effortlessly complements any modern interior. Its large glass viewing window offers an unobstructed view of the mesmerizing flames, creating a captivating focal point and adding a warm and inviting atmosphere to your home.

With an easy-to-use dual-control air control adjustment system, the Woodland stove allows for optimum combustion and control. The tertiary air also aids post-combustion of the flue gases; ultimately, your stove will burn cleanly, creating as much energy from your fuel as possible.

What sets this stove apart is its innovative convection technology. The convector panels on the sides of the stove create a natural airflow, allowing heat to circulate and distribute evenly throughout the room. This stove offers fantastic distances to combustibles with just 100mm required to the rear and sides. This unique feature maximizes the efficiency of the stove, ensuring that every corner of your space is comfortably warmed.


Nominal Output5.0kW
Energy RatingA+
Ecodesign ReadyYES
EfficiencyW 79.5% C 76.4%
CO @ 13%W 0.08 C 0.08
Particulates mg/mo3 @13%W 23 C 22
Maximum log length300mm
Distance combustible materials rear100mm
Distance combustible materials side100mm