Wood burning stoves in classic Scandinavian minimalistic design. Developed to maximize heat and give your home a fantastic ambience

Termatech TT20

The TT20 is the ranges’ slim entry model. The stove has straight steel sides painted black.It’s so easy to operate the stove that anyone will soon get...
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Termatech TT20 Streamline

For those that want the advantages of the TT20 for the lowest possible investment. The design with two freestanding legs and straight sides is modern,...
now £1,145.00was £1,400.00
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Termatech TT20 Streamline R

For those who want the advantages of the TT20 at a low investment cost. The latest variant in the TT20 family is the TT20 Streamline R. The design is ...
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Termatech TT20R

The round steel sides create a calm and harmonious look, suitable for placement against a straight wall or in a corner, in many different homes.With i...
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Termatech TT21 R

The range's core model, with rounded sides, a wood storage compartment, and black steel. The top plate, door, flue outlet and combustion chamber base ...
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Termatech TT21RL

Small details make a big difference. And that is also true of the TT21RL. The stove is just 8 cm lower in height than its big sister, the TT21R. This ...
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Termatech TT22R

The cast-iron top and the rounded sides of the TT22R amplify the front’s soft lines – the result is a cohesive and harmonious appearance.Below the com...
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Termatech TT22S

Soapstone cladding on the top and sides.The soapstone slowly absorbs the heat, and radiates the stored heat long after the flames have died out.Soapst...
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